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Originally Posted by barbara nixon View Post
`i'm back..spent all day updating everything i could think, drivers, flash..tried edge, ie, is the one i get the closest to goes zip right to loading user and there it stays..the other 2 browsers give me green screen only..this started last tues the is my prefered browser.and have been using it a long i don't know what else to do..oh by the way i'm running windows 10 upgrade from 7..has been ok till now..
Hi Barbara

Please try the following:

Delete file from Macromedia Cache
If your flash player is very recent and you don't feel you need to reinstall please follow these steps to clear the what Adobe calls "trash items" from your flash player.
1. Click on this link
2. Note that the screen that comes up is an acutal tool not a screen print. It should say Website Storage Settings panel.
3. You will see a list of files on the tool. You can either scroll down and find , click on the file name and then on delete.
You may also want to increase the storage used by the flash player.
1. Slide your cursor over the tabs at the top of the tool until you find Global Storage settings.
2. Click on this tab.
3. Check the current setting. If it is not 100 kb, move the slider to at least 100 kb. You may increase it to a higher level. However you must take into account your computers storage capacity. Older computers will not be able to handle higher settings.
4. Check to make sure 'Allow third-party flash content to store data on your computer' is enabled



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