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Old Jan 07 2011, 08:57 PM
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Arrow Cannot load farm, Errors, connecting to mainframe

Cannot load farm, Errors, connecting to mainframe

Be specific in your post. Let us know EXACTLY what is happening and what you have already done to try to fix the problem.

When posting in this thread the moderation team may need to visit your farm so please include a link to your farm in your post. The automatic linking button up top is currently out of order so you will need to do so manually. Click Here for instructions on linking your farm to the forum.

What you can try if your farm isn't loading or you are getting an error:

Clear your browsers cache. Reload and try again. Note, when you do this, the first time your farm loads it will load slightly slower as all the graphics have to be loaded from fresh.

Resetting your modem/router can sometimes rectify a problem. Power off your computer, turn off and then unplug your router for a few minutes, and then turn everything back on.

Make sure you have the most current version of flash player for the browser you are using.

Try another browser to see if you get the same problem there.

For more information on specific Errors please read the following thread Error Messages

If you need instructions on any of the above, and for more things you can try like clearing macromedia files and server tests please read the following thread: Click Here

If you are getting an error that says you need to update your Flash player but you have updated it please follow the instructions in this link to set up your Flash to work: Click Here

Please Note:
The more you add to your farm the riskier it will become for people at lower levels of RAM. Anyone with 2 GB of RAM for XP or OSX and 3-4 for Vista should be fine. 512 in XP could be a warning, and 1 GB in Vista would give cause for concern. Remember to take into consideration that other programs you have installed on your computer may also be using a lot of RAM.

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